Ages 0-5 (Preschool & K)

  • E. Math specific to the age range 0-5 years old:

    Article by Alexa Mason Carter: Math Around You. Helping Young Children Learn to Think Mathematically.

    Pre Math It: Early Adventure Into Math.

    The M and M’s Brand Counting Book.

    Family Math for Young Children: Comparing. With an emphasis on four-to eight-year-old children, activities in the FAMILY MATH for Young Children book use commonly found items and bring family members together in the process of learning from each other. Each activity or exploration is concisely organized into five sections: “This Is About,” “You Will Need,” “Getting Ready,” “Activity,” and “Insight.” Parents are encouraged to give children numerous opportunities for exploration and are reminded of the role that a child’s development plays in accomplishing tasks.

    The Life of Fred: Why do we have to learn math from a book? Here is a radical thought: Why can’t math (and any other information for that matter) be learned in Context? By context I mean, learn something because you have a practical need to know that information.

    For instance, we learned the Pythagorean Theorem by fencing in part of our backyard. Voila, an actual reason to know a math concept!

    My next favorite way to learn a math concept (if you are stumped with creating a context) is to find a math game that will at least make learning the math concept fun.

    My next favorite way to learn a concept is this: create a series of stories around a fictional character and put that character in situations where he must use math to make it through life.

    Well, guess what? A fellow homeschooling family from Michigan just introduced me to Life of Fred. Fred is the brainchild of math professor, Stanley Schmidt, PhD who presents math concepts through the mind of a 5-year-old math genius and professor at a make-believe college. Fred is faced with all sorts of crazy situations in which he must use math to solve the problems faced by a typical (?) 5-year-old.  This course begins with the most basic concepts of number recognition and ends with advanced Calculus. Filled with wonderful Fred adventures, one mother wrote that her child wanted his Fred books read to him at bedtime!

    The books are large, hard-bound, and, compared to other hard-bound math books, cheap. The most expensive in the entire series (at over 500 pages) is Life of Fred, Beginning Algebra Expanded Edition: As Serious as It Needs to Be ($39.00).

    The author recommends the titles listed below for this age/grade range.

    F. Art specific to the age range 0-5 years old:

    The Little Hands Art Book (Little Hands!)

    Early Education at Home: A Curriculum Guide for Parents of Preschoolers and Kindergartners

    G. Miscellaneous specific to the age range 0-5 years old:

    The Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos. Originally published in 1935, this beloved Bible storybook is still a favorite with today’s children, parents, and teachers (including Ruth Bell Graham). More than 200 stories from the Old and New Testaments are retold in simple language appropriate for 4- to 12-year-olds, while remaining faithful to Scripture. Colorful illustrations enhance the text.

    Choreganizers: The Visual Way to Organize Household Chores. When our children were young, we spent time looking for a “chore chart” that would actually work. We found it in the Choreganizer! Each Choreganizer comes with 48 colorful chore cards that represent chores like feeding pets or washing dishes. The chores are brightly illustrated and explained on each card, making them suitable for even the youngest child. Each child has a chart, and the parents assign chores by simply hanging the appropriate cards on the child’s chart. At the end of each day, if all the chores have been completed with a good attitude, the child is given tokens that can be traded for something at the Chore Store–a full-color, laminated “store front” included with each kit. (We didn’t use the Store as we didn’t feel it necessary).

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